Our planet is unique – the diversity of life across the seven continents is breathtaking. However, climate change, our use of fossil fuels and natural resources are jeopardising the future of life on Earth and collectively we have a responsibility to protect our planet by reducing our emissions and changing the way we live. 

The BBC Earth Experience aims to inspire our visitors to protect the planet through spectacular footage and an immersive experience. In creating this venue, it was important to us to ensure that particular focus was paid to brining best sustainable practice to the forefront and maximising efficiencies with operating our venue.

Check back for further updates as we progress our plans



Our event sustainability strategy has these five key pillars:

Carbon emissions

Our goal is to run an ultra low carbon emissions venue through:

  • 100% renewable energy supplying the venue
  • Low energy technology selected for use throughout the venue
  • A venue switch off procedure
  • Staff, suppliers and visitors using public transport


We will enhance biodiversity to an otherwise barren location in London by:

  • Planting RHS plants for pollinators in the outside spaces encouraging invertebrates through our planting schemes
  • Giving the plants to the local community when the venue closes

Water preservation

We will conserve water at the venue through:

  • Water saving technology in the bathroom facilities including waterless urinals, tap sensors and low flow flushes
  • Using rainwater harvesting in the outside space to care for the plants through most of the year


We will educate staff and visitors about the natural world and environmental sustainability by:

  • Delivering a powerful experience within the venue
  • Detailing our environmental sustainability strategy on our website
  • Providing signage throughout the venue explaining our sustainability choices
  • Providing two classroom spaces for schools to use for extended sessions.
  • Provide school groups who visit with valuable learning resources to continue their learning in the classroom

Minimising waste

We will embrace the circular economy and minimise waste by:

  • Providing separate bins to maximise recycling possibilities
  • Sending zero waste to landfill and following the waste hierarchy
  • Following a procurement process that minimises waste
  • Planning a second life for the materials used on and within the venue
  • Not selling single use plastics at the venue